Fact: All Good Hair Begins with a Healthy Scalp Treatment

Despite many years of general belief, scalp treatments aren’t just reserved for people with dandruff or itchy and sore scalps.

Good scalp health is essential for good hair. Regardless of the condition of your locks, your scalp is the root of everything. (Do you see what we did there?)

“The scalp is the foundation of the hair follicle,” explains Anabel Kingsley of trichology. “If you’re not in good shape, the chances of you having hair growth and health problems significantly increased.” Research has shown that itchy, flaky scalp can cause and worsen hair loss in certain people. ”

“Like the skin on our appearance, the scalp ages, which can result in dull, thinning hair and, in the worst case, hair loss,” added Nate Bigger, founder of the new brand. MONPURE London hair and scalp care.

The good news is that we have come to realize the importance of taking care of our miserable old scalp. According to the Living Proof haircare brand, “scalp” was the most common search term for hair at Space NK in early 2019. So, read the essential tips you need to care for your scalp treatment without any more preambles.

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